Monday, July 11, 2005

Something Old and Something Old.

So everyone is making a big deal about the reunion of Pink Floyd with their earlier creative powerhouse Roger Waters who left the band in the early 80's after The Wall. What has this amounted to? At the Live 8 concert in London Waters strummed his bass through a few old Floyd tunes while David Gilmore did his best Water’s vocal impersonation singing the songs. I wonder about the current musical climate when we have a culture that is so consumed by past glory that a bunch of kids who only know Floyd from that poster with the naked chicks and some stoned out Wizard of Oz thing or light show at the planetarium are creaming their respective pants over something that just wasn’t that great.

Musicians have one simple job if they do it well they make quite a large amount of money. To put on good shows, with good energy behind the performance at the very least and that was a lack luster one at best. Who knows maybe because it was a charity thing. I also noticed that Paul phoned in the na nas by going from The Long and Winding Road into the closing part of Hey Jude.

And there is certainly nothing artistic about playing the same songs. New product is required, a vibrant dynamic process of creation and recreation. When The Pixies got back together they did a full on tour but still no new material. Time will tell for both. If Floyd goes back into the studio as a full complement and works on new stuff and gets that going then that will be cool.